Description® is a B2B software vendor specialized in streamlining data for large corporations. We provide two sets of software and service: Distribute™ and Journey™. Distribute allows companies to consume and publish events alongside APIs to augment request/response REST APIs, batch applications with streams of events. Journey Workshops are consulting services to help companies progress along their API Lifecycle. Distribute was integrated with Xignite® market data APIs to launch a joint product, Cloudstreaming™ to stream events from capital markets, and with Salesforce® Financial Services Cloud to provide a market-event based platform for financial advisors. delivers more than a billion events every day, globally, with customers pushing data universe of up to 40,000 items to millions of registered devices. API Gallery gathers 40,000 API endpoints from 500 Organizations distributed in 800 topics. provides services to major financial institutions who manage a total of 5.5Trn$ Assets Under Management in 2018, from 3.3Trn$ in 2017. We are proud to have integrated our technology with leading ISVs: API vendors including Axway, Salesforce, and Tibco; Fintech leaders including Xignite, ChartIQ, TradingCentral and Nasdaq; and Cloud vendors including AWS, Google, IBM, and Pivotal. We started operations in 2008, and are 15 people in France and USA, with more than 100 years of software development of event-driven infrastructure and a recognized leadership in accelerating the API Program of large organizations.